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The Pig is usually very popular and enjoys other peoples company. They are very tolerant and are often prepared to forgive others for their wrongdoings. They are great at organizing fundraisers and other similar events. The Pig is a hard worker and is respected for their reliability and integrity.

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They will give up their time for the common good and are highly valued by their colleagues and employers. The Pig has a good sense of humor and always has something to say to cheer people up.

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  • They love to entertain those around them. Sadly some people take advantage of the Pigs good nature and use the Pigs generosity to their advantage. They have difficulty in saying no at times and would really benefit learning to say no every now and again.

    Year of the Pig (Earth Pig Year 12222)

    There are many pigs who have become entrepreneurs and set a successful career path for themselves after an earlier disappointment in life. Although the Pig tends to spend money quite freely, they are usually very astute in financial matters. Another characteristic of the Pig is their ability to recover from setbacks quickly. Once they have made their mind up to do something nobody can stop them. Pigs love spending their money on lavish holidays and expensive shopping trips.

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    Their home will usually be kitted out with all the latest technology and furniture. The Pig will have many relationships before settling down with their chosen partner. Online personalised Feng Shui report.

    Earth Pig Birthdates

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    Celebrities born in the year of the pig

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    In daily life, both of you should have more patience and understanding to each other. If you can see some promotion chances at the current company, you can stay.

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    If not, it is suggested to look for new job opportunities. I'm a water pig Nov. You will get some luck in career and love life. Your hard work would be appreciated by your bosses and colleagues. You are suggested to catch the opportunties as soon as possible. As for the love life, you will have a large chance to obtain the sweet love life.