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To make wise decisions, we have to identify:. We have to let go of the 'shoulds' and answer the call of our soul. Where do we find joy? How can we:. Stress, pain, suffering and dissatisfaction are the messages that we need to reorient and reshape our lives. We have to think, act and feel in a radically different manner. Where can you take a risk with the help of your friends? What has radically changed in your life since the lunar eclipse February 9th? What options are now available that make it possible to go for what you want most?

The Saturn-Uranus opposition is on-going for this year and most of Their message is clear. We can't prop up the old structures.

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We have to build new ones. Once seemingly viable institutions are now like paper boxes soaked in the rain. They can no longer perform their function and in some ways they never really did. Their fatal flaws have gotten us into deep trouble. It is time for a new box. Saturn requires us to be realistic and efficient. Uranus awakens us to bold, creative and inventive possibilities.

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Pluto in Capricorn for 15 years continues to intensify the pressure for evolutionary transformation. The intensity increases as Pluto goes retrograde April 4th through September 10th. The end goal of Pluto's deep probing is to awaken our higher self. To do so, we have to look at our shadow and examine root causes, not just superficial symptoms. We have to look at the assumptions of the paradigm that causes our problems, not just try to circumvent the annoyances.

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Pluto in Capricorn obliges us to redefine our goals and to rebuild from the bottom up. Pluto exposes straw houses. Bailout and Band Aid responses aren't going to cover up or solve! We have ignored the truth and sacrificed our integrity at the cost of our sanity and well-being. The bubble has burst. There is no turning back and no propping up the house of cards.

The Aries Journey - Reassessment and Rebirth

In some way we have all bought into the deception, and allowed ourselves to be manipulated and controlled by fantasies and illusions. How many times did you charge something to your credit card with the thought "The money will come from somewhere"? To extricate ourselves we have to listen to our own truth. By listening to our heart and following our inner wisdom, we can free ourselves from the inevitable pain and suffering, that accompanies robotic adherence to the lies and manipulation of corporate greed, and the denial of mass consciousness.

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We are each in our own way being forced to change course. We can greet the opportunities as liberating news or we can resist. But essentially there are only two choices: firstly, will we willingly change? Make your choice or let it be made for you! I remember Yogi Bhajan telling us to 'drop' our fears and neurosis.

I also remember my mother telling us kids to 'snap out of it'. Both admonishments sounded perhaps like good ideas, but impossible to achieve. The current high frequencies on the planet, and the heavy-hitting impulses from the celestial interactions, feel very supportive of this 'stop whining and move on' advice. Somehow it feels like there is little energy for old trips and negativity.

What once tied us up in knots is no longer relevant, interesting or important. Given all of the above, the Spring Equinox March 20th, and the Sun in Aries, are important markers of a new beginning. To release the past and move on, we must release the habit of self-criticism and listen to our inner voice.

If we have established a conscious connection with the Divine in our tour through Pisces, our Aries journey will be divinely guided and inspired. We will know that we are one with the Infinite, and that our soul is on planet Earth for yet another adventure in evolutionary growth.

Alas, when we reincarnate, we forget our oneness with the Infinite. We relate to our personality and not to our soul. At the Equinox, when daylight begins to overcome the darkness of night Northern Hemisphere , regains control and rises victorious, the Aries archetype represents the triumph of life over death, the resurrection of life, and the power to restore life and to begin anew.

Aries represents our Self. The goal of our inner Aries the first fire sign , is to use our fighting spirit to support, not undermine ourselves. The Aries archetype makes us aware of the fact that our biggest fight is within. The war we are fighting is inside our own mind. We wrestle with the raw energy of our instincts, subconscious and negative voice. Our enemies are our inner anger, restlessness, impatience, resentment, undirected fire energy and frustrated innocence.

Chiron in Aries - Poppies and Cornflowers

We suffer from the painful vulnerability of an innocent child, trying to live up to the expectations of an adult. We find ourselves vanquished by needless aggression, pointless assertiveness, sabotaging impulses and inappropriate reactions. When we look at our inner conflict, we are not sure why we are so confrontational, enraged and negative, and at the end of the day we are exhausted, and burnt out, for no reason of merit.

Our major psychological problem is that we feel limited and inadequate. We criticize ourselves for not living up to standards of perfection. We judge ourselves for our actions, our inactions, and the consequences that we experience from what we do and don't do. We play self-demeaning games firstly to get attention, secondly to get sympathy, and thirdly because we have a negative self-concept.

Of course, we can identify circumstances, and people in our lives who we can claim are responsible for our wounded programming. However, identifying and blaming our real, or perceived, victimizers does not change the racket in our mind and generally reinforces our negative self-talk. No one outside ourselves can heal our inner turmoil, or take responsibility for what we do with our energy and our lives. Our quest is not to find and punish a villain, but to find a solution that will help us achieve inner peace.

Pogo identified that "We have met the enemy. And the enemy is us". The deeper truth is that we engage in self-criticism because our mental concept of ourselves is limited. We do not have a relationship with our infinite Self. In our dual mind, we are unable to perceive our highest qualities and pure essence. This is because we are disconnected from our soul and the Divine.

Our relationship is with our subconscious programming, not with our soul. Our authorities are other wounded personalities, not the Infinite. Everyone has the capacity to experience their soul and the Infinite. With the assistance of Kundalini Yoga, we can:. As we enter our inner battlefield, it is a good idea to take an Aries tool kit with us. Those with weak fire, and fear-based programs, will have to develop these tools as we progress on our journey. Overcoming self-criticism requires a conversation between our neutral and negative voices, and we must be totally honest with ourselves.

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If we lie to ourselves, we are an open target to be manipulated by our critical voice. Our inner listening journey is an invaluable piece of our self-discovery and empowerment process. Listening without judgment, we become aware of our self-critical emotional habits, and uncover subconscious imprints.

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We can:. Our job is to monitor and direct the conversation within ourselves.