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1. Blue Galaxy Zodiac Bracelet

The Rainbow Dipper Vaporizer , an auto-loading, pocket-sized vape has a rainbow palette that matches their many moods. Give them an excuse to DIY in the kitchen with coconut and olive oil cannabis infusion kits from Ardent.

Creative, outgoing Leos will love humble-bragging when they show off the Aaron Kai x Aurora vape kit, including an award-winning pen, dabber, and zip case—all in a psychedelic Hawaiian-inspired print. Natural, mineral-based DabTabs are a low-waste and mess-free way for them to get high. Scorpios like their abodes to reflect their intense, passionate personalities.

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The new Jonathan Adler x Higher Standards cannabis-inspired decor collab lets Scorpios express their stoner selves with a sophisticated valet tray or hashish box. To appeal to their altruistic streak, a portion of sales from this plant print go to the military nonprofit Project Sanctuary. The ideal gift: Shanti hemp CBD oil softgels , which can be popped privately to mellow out before bed. Fast-acting cannabis-infused Plus gummies will instantly uplift the sometimes Eeyore-ish Pisces.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Photo from Ardent. Build your very own droid from the ground up by putting together its circuit boards and assembling all its body parts, then finish it off with customizable stickers that you can color yourself to make a truly unique droid.

15 Best Astrology Gifts For Any Zodiac Sign - Horoscope Gift Ideas

A smartphone app can then be used to control the droid and teach it new skills like self-navigation. This kit is recommended for kids age 8 years and up. Why we love it: Building a fully functional R2-D2 from scratch may sound like a daunting task for children, but this kit comes with straightforward and simple instructions, so adults are not required!

You can also rebuild the droid with household items. The possibilities are endless. This simple, spunky little rover can help teach kids about solar power! Built for kids age 8 to 12, the rover comes fully assembled and requires no batteries — only sunlight! Why we love it: Steer the rover by casting shadows over either of the two solar arrays located on it sides. Once you get comfortable maneuvering the rover, you can set up an obstacle course with little traffic cones, or check out the included page activity guide for more ideas.

Buy GeoSafari Jr. Solar Rover here.

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This solar-powered rover kit offers a little more room for kids to get creative with engineering. It can be built into more than 20 different configurations.

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Why we love it: Build your own little Mars rover, or maybe quadcopter for Saturn's moon Titan. While the kit comes with instructions for specific designs, you can also try experimenting with your own solar-powered robots. Buy Solar Mechanics Experiment Kit here.

25 Gifts for Anyone Who Swears By Their Zodiac Sign

The littlest space fans can get acquainted with the universe with this talking telescope from Educational Insights. Recommended for kids age 4 and up, the Talking Telescope doesn't actually feature a magnifying lens for stargazing. Instead, it's equipped with dozens of NASA images and audio clips with accompanying facts recorded by Emily Dawn Calandrelli, the host and producer of the television show "Xploration Outer Space.

Why we love it: Kids don't even have to go outdoors to learn about the night sky with the Talking Telescope, and it's a useful learning tool for kids who aren't old enough to stargaze with real telescopes. Talking Telescope here. Why we love it: Decorate three spaceships with colorful stickers, or hand-paint them with 12 different colors of acrylic paint. Buy Wooden Spaceship Kit here. Bring this piece jigsaw puzzle to life with an interactive augmented-reality app!

You can download the free Mountain Puzzles AR app from the Apple Store or Google Play, then hover your device above the puzzle to reveal animations and facts about the solar system, complete with sound effects. Why we love it: Big, multicolored pieces make this puzzle relatively easy to put together.